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Curb Options

Artistic Curb and Landscape offers three different curbing series: Standard, Nevada, or our custom Hand Carved Series.


Within all three series we offer two different curb styles: 1: Slant - 4 inches tall angling down to 2in x 6 inches wide.  2: Post is a square-looking style that is 4 inches tall x 6 inches wide.   


Upgrade your concrete curb to customize your yard by adding any of our 5 color options: Sangria, Sand, Brown, Dark Charcoal, or Mauve Berry.

Concrete Border
Concrete Curbing


Standard is a clean and simple design. Its simplicity creates a crisp and clean finishing look that finalizes any yard.

concrete edging concrete border landscaping concrete
Standard Slant without color
Standard Post with Sangria color

Nevada Series

Our Nevada Series is a stamped product with deep impressions that takes your curb to another level. We layer two different colors which captures a unique appearance. 

              Obsidian can be installed with any of our 5 color options.

Obsidian concrete edging bordering sod and flower bed.
Concrete Edging within landscape.
Obsidian- Slant

Hand Carved Series

Our hand carved series is as majestic as Lamoille Canyon itself. It's pure beauty continues to impress us with every pour and landscape.  Either of these two choices: Lamoille Stone or Canyon Slate will be the showcase of your yard. Capturing different details as the sun rotates throughout the day just like the Ruby's. This curb will be the drama of your yard. 

Lamoille Stone concrete curbing and sod.
Canyon Slate concrete border in front yard.
Lamoille Stone - Post 
Canyon Slate- Slant 
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