Hand Crafted Concrete Outdoor Fire Pit 

We offer propane or wood burning hand crafted outdoor fire pits. Both options are a stunning firepit that will be sure to create memories! 

Propane: $3,000.00

   Your hand-crafted propane fire pit will have a stunning hand carved base that is 3ft long by 2ft wide. With a stainless-steel cupboard to easily access the stored propane tank.


The tabletop options are:

     Rectangle – 5 1/2ft long by 3ft wide with a rectangle insert.

     Square – 4ft by 4ft with either a round insert or a square insert.


Be sure to let us know if you want a crisp modern corner or a rustic carved softened corner!




Wood Burning: $3,000.00

  Your hand-crafted wood burning fire pit has either option of a beautiful hand carved round solid base or a solid square base.


   The tabletop will be 4ft by 4ft with the option: to either have an aggressive carve corner to accentuate the round base or can be left as a modern crisps square.



Delivery available: Minimum $500.00